Being an Introvert is a headache sometimes. People around you are always curious why you’re so quiet and not going out with them. And these myths about introverts are enough to destroy mental peace of an introvert.

If you have been reading my blog then you must already know that I’m an introvert. I prefer staying quiet most of the time & love to spend time with myself.

If you are also an introvert then you must be getting many questions from people around you about your nature. Like , Why are you so quiet ? Why are you sad? Why do you stay alone?

These are most common questions introverts gets asked by people around them. Also, people make conclusions about introverts without even knowing the Facts.

Let’s discuss the Top 5 Myths and Facts about Introverts and try to understand introverts better.

Top 5 Myths And Facts About Introverts

Top 5 myths and facts about introverts

Myth 1 – Introverts Are Depressed

Introverts are feeling depressed and sad all the time. They are always thinking about something & hardly share anything with anyone.

If you are an Introvert then you must have experienced people often considering you in a bad mood. They might think that you are worried about something and stressed.

Fact 1 – Introverts Aren’t Expressive

Actually, introverts are not expressive as Extroverts. But this doesn’t mean that they are sad/depressed. And they are okay with living a private life without sharing too much about them.

Also, they are okay with not being as expressive as their Extrovert friends. They stay calm & composed at any kind of situation whether it is good or bad.

Myth 2 – Introverts Are Lonely

Introverts are lonely. They don’t have friends to hang out with. They spend most of the time at home being sad and dull.

Again, this is one of the most common myths about introverts. Usually, introverts prefer to spend most of their time being home instead of going out. And this is considered as a sign of loneliness for other people.

Fact 2 – Introverts Love Solitude

The fact is “Introverts love spending time alone & away from people”. It helps them to get back to calm state after being exposed in large group of people. It helps them to feel relaxed.

Just like extroverts find joy and relaxation by going out and socialising, introverts finds it in solitude.

Myth 3 – Introverts Hate People

Introverts hate everyone. They avoid any kind of interaction with others. Also they are rude in nature. Yes, that’s how introverts are misunderstood. Due to being overly selective and living a private life, often people around thinks introverts hate people.

I have been asked this question so many times if I did not like someone. And it is always hard to convince such people.

Fact 3 –  Introverts Are Selective

No, introverts don’t hate people. They might even say that they do. But, the truth is they are just happy with themselves. And they don’t want too many people around to disturb their mental peace.

Therefore, they wisely select people as their closed ones. Too much of people & social interactions exhausts them.

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Myth 4 – Introverts Are Shy

Introverts are shy & scared to open up with people. They feel insecure & scared when they are supposed to talk with people. So, they avoid speaking up their mind.

Often introverts are associated with shyness. Their quite nature is mistaken as being shy. But are they really Shy?

Fact 4 – Introverts Are Quite

Some introverts can be shy. But all introverts are not shy. They are Quite by nature but that doesn’t mean they are shy.

Introverts are picky to choose people with whom they will open up. They take their own time to get comfortable with others. One has to be patient to see an introvert opening up.

Myth 5 – Introverts Don’t Like To Go Out

Introverts prefers to stay at home & be alone. They don’t like to go out. Their life is not fun or interesting as outgoing people.

My friends always complain about me refusing to go out with them or cancelling most of the plans. Yes, I do that. But I also love going out and staying home equally.

Fact 5 – Introverts Love Going Out

Yeah , They love going out & spending best times with their loved ones. They love travelling & exploring new places. But they are not to addicted to go out every weekend.

Introverts might choose to go out after a stressful week or stay home and just do nothing. And both of these makes them equally happy.

Final Words

Myths and Facts about Introverts

This post is not written to glorify introverts or to criticise extroverts. Here, I want to convey a message to everyone who is reading whether you’re an introvert or extrovert or ambivert, that accept people as they are.

Try to understand them better without making any random assumptions. Yeah, introverts are hard to understand but at least don’t make them or anyone feel bad about being who their self.

This world will be such a beautiful place if people starts to accept people as they are.

Thank you for reading !

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