Everyone wants to achieve Success and be successful today, be it in terms of career, making money, relationships, etc. To achieve success, every person is trying best to reach his/her goals. But the important question is how to achieve success in life?

We watch motivational videos, read success stories, seek advice from others and what not to just know the secret to achieve success.

5 effective steps how to achieve success in life

Firstly, I would like to clear that this isn’t a motivational article on success in life that you might be expecting. I am going to share my thoughts and views on being successful.

What Is Success ?

Everybody wants to achieve success in their life. Or they tell it’s their goal to be a successful person.

Success in short is an achievement. It can be an achievement of becoming Rich, Getting A Dream Job, Building A Business,etc. An accomplishment which can make one feel happy and proud of self.

There’s no specific definition for Success or a successful person. Because every person can’t have same Goals, Thoughts and opinions.

That’s why there’s no single secret formula to get successful in life. Lets look at 5 effective tips on achieving success in life.

5 Effective Tips To achieve Success In Life

Disclaimer : I would like clear that I don’t consider myself as a successful person yet. All the Tips/Advice discussed in this article are based on my personal experiences & opinions.

1. Define Your Success

Define your success

Most basic yet ignored step to get successful in life. It’s very crucial to define what is success for you. Not for your family, Relatives, Teachers or Friends.

The career path we chose to follow, is mostly based on suggestions and how society perceives it and accepts it. There are set of careers highly accepted and recommended by Society. And those are the only popular career fields existing right now. For ex: Engineering, Medical, Banking, etc.

That’s why many people are actually chasing someone else’s dream and aiming for success which is defined by others. Even if someone achieves success in life this way, he/she will not be satisfied with it even being successful.

So, it’s very important to ask yourself what does success really mean for you. Is it buying most expensive flat in the city or rent a small house by beach with your family.

Get it straight.

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2. Explore Yourself

Explore yourself to achieve success

From previous point, you might wonder how to know what I really want? And what is success for me?

I understand, at an young age no one can truly understand what they really want. Because, at such age you are still inexperienced. So it’s impossible to know yourself completely.

Hence, you need to start exploring yourself by trying to out new things. By doing what you’ve never thought or learning some new skills outside your field. What this will do? It will open up multiple gates of opportunities for you.

Be it in terms of Knowledge, People, and even jobs. You learn new things, meet people with similar interests and might even make a career out of that new thing you just tried.

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3. Set Realistic Goals

Set realistic goals to get successful

So, you’ve just started learning a new skill. Then, it is very important to set Realistic & Practical Goals for it.

Let’s say you’re learning about Blogging. So you watch YouTube tutorials about it from the best blogger. Instead of trying to become the best blogger and lose motivation early after a setback, start small. Learn step by step and keep learning everyday.

Always, make sure that you are not repeating your past mistakes.

Doing mistakes are totally acceptable but repeating them isn’t.

So a realistic goal can be a small target which can be achieved within short span of time. These are goals which teaches you a lot and keeps you motivated to move forward.

4. Stop Comparisons With Others

stop comparing with others

The one thing which will take you away from achieving success is Comparisons. Comparing your success with others can demotivate you & even make you feel insecure and doubtful.

The more you compare yourself with others, more far you’ll get from your goals. Ironically, the one with whom you’re comparing is also doing same with someone else. And feeling sorry about himself.

Yes, it’s the truth. Understand, there will always be someone who is richer, smarter and happier than you. You can’t win over every person on this planet. Even if you try, it will only harm you.

Therefore, to achieve success and goals you must stop comparisons with others.

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5. Be Ready To Sacrifice

Be ready to sacrifice to get success

I’m writing this at 1:34 am being completely exhausted by a hectic week. Why? Because, for me it’s very important to maintain my blog schedule. And, It’s not defined by my readers or anyone else.

So, sacrifice. It is much needed when you badly want to get successful in whichever field you wish. This sacrifices will definitely get you to your goals quickly and also help you to learn many things.

For example: Like I just mentioned above about me writing this while I’m too tired. This is teaching me about the importance of Time management. Also, It made me realise about the time I wasted doing nonproductive things.

So, if you are serious about achieving success in life and achieving all your dreams, then be ready to make sacrifices.

Final Words

It’s not easy as every motivational speaker or an Instagram influencer tells about how to get successful in life. You must work really hard for it and make sacrifices for it.

This article was purely based on my observations, experiences and opinions. So, it isn’t a quick guide to success but a broader perspective on achieving success and how can you do it in your own way.

I hope this one made sense to you and you enjoyed reading it.

Do let me know your thoughts on achieving success in life. If you’ve better tips on how to achieve success in life, comment them below in comments section.

Thank you for reading.

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