One of the best part of Blogging is Comments. Because they are direct feedback of your content.

The genuine, encouraging and critical (in good way) comments actually motivates bloggers to keep blogging and improving. That is why, effective Blog commenting is very essential for every blogger to grow their Blogs.

I am sure every blogger has at least one reader who regularly reads and put comments on their blog posts. And you always feel grateful for them.

May times when Blogging seems like going nowhere for you, this people gives you a hope to keep trying and keep blogging.

But wait.. Have you ever been this person to any other blogger? Do you support other bloggers?

If not then you must start doing it now. Why?

Why Commenting On Blogs Is Important

  1. To Support Other Bloggers – No, I’m not forcing you too do this. But just think about the feeling you get when someone constantly supports your blog. You love it, right? It feels even better when you are the one supporting and encouraging other bloggers. Personally, I’ve experienced both. Being supported and supporting others. And it’s amazing.
  2. To Gain Your Blog Readers – Yes, you can increase your blog readers and views by commenting on other blogs. But this shouldn’t be your only purpose for commenting. Only Honest and consistent comments can help you gaining loyal readers for your blog.

What? You are already commenting on Blogs yet there is no result?

Because you need to improve how you comment. Here are 5 Do’s & Don’ts of Blog Commenting

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Commenting – Grow Your Traffic (Guest Post)

5 do's & don'ts of blog commenting


  1. Do Read The Posts – Yes, this is the first ever step of blog commenting. So many people don’t even read posts and just comments randomly. Even I used to like posts without reading them, but later I realised this was wrong. And now I never like or comment without reading it completely. So, first of all Be honest with yourself and read that friggin post first.
  2. Do Comment Genuinely – One can clearly identify the genuine comments. They aren’t too short or forced or spammy. When you decide to comment and have really read the post, type what & how you felt after reading it. Don’t comment for sake of it. Comments like “Nice / Great Postwithout actually reading the post of a big turn off.

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