If you ask someone “How’s life?“, you’ll get answers like “sad“, “lonely“, “confusing“, “depressed” and all such complicated terms describing their life.

Every person around you seems to be stressed out. There can be many reasons for the same.

I believe there is too much of everything around us.

And it is the reason why most of people are living complicated life.

Here are 3 ways to simplify your complicated life easily.

1. Reduce The Number Of People In Your Life

Before you judge me on this point or disagreeing with my point, let me finish.

People around us, with us are important. Because they are the ones who shapes us in every possible way.

Our Thoughts, Actions, Behavior, Personality and so many things are originated from the people around us.

But, having too many people in your life can be toxic. Especially when you try to be with some people even when you don’t want to.

Like, so many people hate being with large group of people, yet they are doing it to get approval.

Too many people means too many thoughts, opinions, ideologies, habits, goals and everything in excess.

This can easily drain & make you confused about yourself. Because excess of anything is bad !

Instead try to have selective people in your life with whom you’re comfortable and free. The people who accepts you and uplifts you.

It will definitely make your life less complicated.

2. Stop Watching Too Much News

Remember those times when we had hardly 2-3 newspapers and half an hour of news on Television?

It was a peaceful time.

Now news is everywhere. On Smartphones, Social Media Websites, 100’s of news channels and Newspapers.

We are consuming all types of news from every available source.

Yes, news is important. One must know about happenings all around the world. But consuming too much of news can cause you unwanted stress.

If you look at all the Bad/Negative things happening around, you’ll notice that you can’t change them. Most of them are out of your reach.

Yet the constant bombardment of that same news can make you feel helpless.

Again, news is important. Especially in the current scenario of the Global pandemic.

But, We need to make sure we consume the correct news from trusted sources in right amount.

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3. Avoid Taking Too Much Advice

Life advice, Relationship advice, Career advice and every other damn advice can be found all over the internet. That too for free.

For example : My blog. Yes, it is full of advice. Though I don’t write to advice people, they are just all my thoughts. I think too much about everything, and I end up writing those thoughts down.

But that doesn’t mean you need to follow it blindly. Be it if it’s from my blog or any other source.

In the world of Internet we will never run out of advice. You’ll find so much content on solving your problems.

And I know so many people are addicted to such type of content. Self help/ Problem solving. Yes the creators are doing good work to help others but it needs your action.

You must not get so much into consuming such content that you forget to apply the tips/techniques which are shared.

At the end of the day you’ve to decide for yourself. No other person on this planet can make you do things differently.

Do take advice when in need, it is okay to seek help. But don’t forget to put in the work and solve your problems by yourself.

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Final Words

If you look back at your life when it was simpler, you’ll notice that there was less amount of the 3 things I’ve mentioned above.

You had limited amount of people around, you didn’t get too much involved in news which you couldn’t control and you hardly needed anyone’s advice.

So, if you really wish to make your complicated life simpler just like old times then make sure you avoid such toxic things.

And there can be many other things other than above 3, make sure you identify them and remove them from your life.

Let me know what things made your life complicated and how did you get rid of them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and Be Safe !

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