Hey Everyone!

Well.. Haven’t done this type of random post here in a long time. 2020 was definitely a weird one. It made a little awkward here as well. Though I kept posting new stuff, interaction part kept getting worse.

As a result you can clearly see the huge drop in engagement all over my posts. Why did this post start on such a bad note?

Let’s just blame it on 2020 (Even though I hate doing that)

2020 Blog Recap

2020 blog recap of Writing My Heart Out

So yeah, let’s do a short recap of Writing My Heart Out in 2020.

80 New Blog Posts Published

Around 80 posts have been published this year which feels surprising to me. Because all this year I’ve been feeling that I wasn’t writing enough.

A lot of posts from these 80 aren’t on the blog right now but they will be. Don’t worry about them (If anyone is worrying).

Accidentally Deleted All Blog Posts

And then you know the stupidest thing that I did this year. Yup, accidentally deleting alllllll of my blog posts.

But you know, reposting is helping me in keeping the blog alive right now. I don’t stress enough about writing because I still have a lot to repost. This allows me a lot of time to think/write new content.

Huge Spike In Organic Traffic

In 2018-2019, I would always think that my blog gets the most views from WordPress readers only and not organic. But then 2020 started and blog posts started appearing in the Google search results.

So, it took me almost 2 years to rank on google. Though my goal wasn’t rank but I did experiment & optimize the posts for google which did pay off.

Compared to 2019 stats, the organic traffic increased by freaking 3207.89 % in 2020. It went from 393 to 13k.

This would have been even more if I hadn’t deleted my posts. It did affect my organic traffic.

Pinterest Traffic

Also you can see a spike in Pinterest traffic as well. Guys, Pinterest will get you tons of traffic if you do it the right way. I hardly pinned for 3 months and my monthly views were around 350K Monthly Views (Pinterest views, not clicks).

Screenshot is from 30th June.

Till June 2020, I had no clue how Pinterest worked. I never ever thought it’s such a powerful platform for blog promotion. But then I happened to try it out and it worked.

I was thinking of writing an article about Pinterest but I stopped pinning since August as I couldn’t keep up with creating and pinning 5-10 pins daily. So, I don’t know whether I should write the article or not. Because I’m neither pinning nor aware of the current updates.

So, let me try it out again.

Chose Better Topics For Articles

Readers should say this but let me brag a bit. I’m proud of the topics that I chose for the articles I wrote in the 2nd half of 2020. In fact, few from the first half as well.

Most of them aren’t on blog anymore yet but they will be reposted soon. Till then I’m including links for the articles from Instagram. You can read them there before I repost on the blog.

Some Of My Favourite Poems

There aren’t many but let me share the ones where I managed to make some sense.

Why did I feel like I didn’t write much this year???

Updates For 2021 – What Are My Plans?

Obviously, the first one is to finish reposting ASAP and start publishing new content in between. I already have few articles & poems ready to be published as we enter 2021.

In fact, I’m really excited to publish those articles & poems as well. Let’s see if you guys like them.

2021 is going to be a busy year. Working 9-5 & then working on multiple blogs definitely is not an easy task.

But I will make sure that I keep writing. I might get inconsistent with posting new content but won’t stop it. Right now, new content for January is almost ready.

What About Pictures?

Few of you asked me about why I’ve stopped posting pictures on the blog. Especially the pictures of sky/clouds.

It’s because I decided to complete reposting Articles & poems first. In 2021, I’m going to start posting the pictures as well, both old & new ones.

Stay tuned!

Guest Posts & Collabs Are Welcomed

I’ve been wanting to start this since long but I just had no energy to do this for my own reasons. But now I’m excited to try something new here.

If you’re interested in writing for Writing My Heart Out or do a collab with this guy called accidental blogger, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Here are ways you can reach out:

Final Words

I didn’t know this post would be this long. If someone is still reading, you’re a loyal reader of writing my heart out. My heartiest gratitude towards you.

And if you haven’t yet, stop blaming it on 2020. Yeah, it’s been bad for many reasons but it’s also been a long break that we all craved for. At least I did.

So, no point in wasting time on discussing/joking/memeing 2020, just let it go.

Bye bye 2020!

And see you with a new post in 2021!

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