2nd Blog Anniversary - Writing My Heart Out

August 2 | 12:42 AM

I’m writing this article on August 2nd at 12:42 am a day before this Blog turns 2. And I’ve just finished reading the first post of my Blog. It’s such a strange feeling.

When I created this blog the address was writeyourheartout.(some random numbers).wordpress.com. Later I changed it to writingmyheartout25.wordpress.com. Yeah, I’ve a habit of mentioning my birthdate everywhere.


The first post that I wrote 2 years back was inspired by a quote/question from the book The subtle art of not giving fu*k. The article is such a cliched self-help article.

As I read that article it just feels so strange in many ways. It feels like written by it’s someone else, which I still feel for most of my articles/poems. Also, there’s a good strange feeling where I can recall sending this post to a friend and she telling me that I can be an amazing writer. (I still highly doubt that)

Writing my heart out has a total 228 Blog posts right now. How crazy is that! I still wonder how all this happened. Is it me or is the accidental blogger actually a different person?

When I look back all I have to say to the Accidental blogger is “We’ve made it this far, Kid. I hope we keep going on, together“.

(The last line is inspired by a song that I’m listening right now – Migraine By Twenty One Pilots)

Thank you so much everyone who has been a part of this beautiful journey. I’m grateful to every person I’ve met during the last 2 years. This blog and y’all are a precious part of my life.

I’m not gonna repeat how I started blogging accidentally as I’ve done it several times. For those who haven’t read the backstory, read it by clicking the following link.

First Blog Anniversary – One Year Journey Of Accidental Blogger

Also, I would like to share the first blog post here. I’m not going to correct any grammar or spelling mistakes in the article. I would like to keep it as it is. Accidental.

Which moment should I choose ? – First Blog Post

Announcement On Blog Schedule

Here’s a small announcement about my blogging schedule. You might not see me posting every week from now on. I’ll definitely try my best to stick to the schedule and post consistently. But I won’t force myself.

The schedule still remains the same which is Articles on Mondays, Pictures On Wednesdays and Poems On Fridays. But I’ll be taking frequent weekly breaks where I’ll disappear without a notice and come back again.

And some of you have already noticed me doing this.

That’s it for this special day, I guess. See you soon with a new post.

Thank you for reading!

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