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Hope everyone is doing good. Well, I’m doing good too. Actually I’m so excited to write this post. I wanted to write this one from so long but kept postponing it. Now wait is finally over as I’ve decided to write about My 10 Day Meditation Course experience known as Vipassana.

( It is going to be a very long post , But it will be worth ;)).

What Is Vipassana ?

Vipassna is n ancient Indian Meditation technique which is being practiced from last 2500 years. Buddha practiced & later started teaching this meditation to others.

Further, Mr. S. N. Goenka who learnt Vipassana from Sayagyi U Ba Khin for 14 years In Burma ,started teaching this technique in India from 1969. Since then people from all over world have learnt & got benefitted from this technique. Currently it is being taught not only in India but also In Asia, Africa , Europe, America, Oceania, etc.

The word Vipassana means To see things in a special way. This meditation is not just about concentrating your mind or increasing focus on what you want. It is about controlling as well as purifying mind from all the negativities, fears & cravings.

Course Rules & Details

Here are some Rules & details about the course

  • It is a 10 day meditation course.
  • Facilities like Rooms , Food & others are provided without any charges.
  • It is a free course which is organised with help of donations done by Sadhaks.
  • All these 10 days , every sadhak has to follow “Arya-Maun“. Arya- Maun means you are not allowed to talk with anyone during the whole course. ( Except in emergency situations)
  • No eye contact with other sadhaks or anyone.
  • Wake up time to be followed is 4:00 am in the morning & sleep at 9:00pm.
  • On 10th Day after Mangal-maitri you will be allowed to speak. And next morning course is over.

What Is taught In This Course?

In vipassana, observing our mind and body is taught. There are number of sensations happening in our body all the time. This sensations are caused by our minds. Confused?

For example : When we feel angry , sensations like Increase in heartbeat , Change in breathing pattern, feeling of hotness within body ,etc arises.

Like this , every feeling has reaction on our body. Vipassana is all about observing all these sensations without reacting to them. Whether it is a good sensation or bad one.

How did I agree for it?

I’m sure you might be little confused and also bit scared by looking at rules & other details about this course. I can totally feel you. But don’t worry ,this is toally worth trying.

Last year, when I had a long break after my exams. So I was doing literally nothing those days. And my mother asked me if I would like to go for this meditation course with her & some other family members.

I have always been fascinated about meditation & I was free at that time so I said “Yes” without thinking much. Though I didn’t have any knowledge about this course when I agreed, I was actually excited to stay away from real world for 10 long days. I have always wanted to have this kind of solitude. So yeah ,I was ready for it.

Is it really that hard?

Hell Yes ! All my excitement was over in initial days only. Not because I was alone with quiet strangers or I was not allowed to speak. Because all day I was doing just meditation(Obviously with breaks). Still, the initial days are the toughest as you are not used to sit for this long & focus on your breath.

Not being allowed to talk can be a tough thing for many people who are used to talk a lot. But it was easy for me. I was enjoying staying away from the noise & pollution of the city as it was a very isolated & peaceful placeπŸ’™

My Honest Experience

First of all It is not a very easy course to do. No, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

What’s worth won’t come easy, right?

Yeah , It was totally worth it. Hardest part for me was being close to my mother & few other family members yet not be able to meet or talk with them. There had been times when I felt like going home but I still had that thought “I want to complete it“.

And when I finally completed it , it was the best feeling. Feeling of winning a long race you’ve been running for so long. It was that kind of feeling.

When I was back home, I was much better person than before. With a lot of unknown knowledge, understanding of life, positivity & spirituality.

What Did I Learn?

A lot of things. Actually, if you want to know what I’ve learnt from this course just go through my blog. The reason why I’m able to write posts about positivity, optimism, motivation , defeating failures, etc is because of the Vipassana course.

Getting over failures, transformation from fat to fit or trying to get out of my comfort zone , all of these things were possible because of it.

Why You Should Do It?

The first thing I wanted to do when I came back home was to tell everyone else to do this mediation course. Actually everyone who does it will feel same. Because when you get to know & learn about so many things which you never knew , you want your closed one to experience it too.

But I got disappointed pretty soon. Many people are there who find meditation or any spiritual stuff as old fashioned & boring. They feel it’s unnecessary for them. Some might even make fun of it. Rarely people will actually listen & agree to do it.

Final Words

Vipassana is all about self transformation from your mind to your body. It teaches you a lot about life. It teaches you how to be a human. It teaches you the real Dharma (Religion). Not religion which we know like Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism,etc.

There’s a big myth about Vipassana. As it was being taught by Buddha , lot of people thinks that Vipassana teaches about Buddhism. No, it doesn’t. Vipassna teaches you how to live your life by kicking out all the negativities. It actually has made me appreciate & respect teachings from every religion more than I used to do before.

This is the reason why people from different castes,religions & countries have done vipassana course & still practicing in their daily life. Also in a lot of organizations once in a year 10 day course is arranged for employees.

And this course is totally free of cost. You will not be charged for food & stay too. After the completing the course you can donate as much you wish.

Cheers , if you’re still reading. Thank you for reading & your patience.

If you’ve any doubts or queries regarding the course you can comment them in comment section.

Also, I’ll write more post about vipassana. Because I still have many things to share about it. πŸ™‚

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