Just created a new Blog on WordPress to share your talent or business? If yes, then you must read this helpful article for to avoid Top 10 common Mistakes by WordPress beginners.

Don’t worry! These mistakes are very common & easy to fix in no time. So, keep reading this till the end & improve your blog with extra tips & tricks.

Top 10 common Mistakes WordPress Beginners Are Making In 2022

1. Not Updating Your Web Address After Changing Your Blog Address

Almost every new blogger is confused about the name & URL of Blog/Website at the beginning. So, after some time we try to modify our Blog Address. And that’s perfectly fine in the beginning. (Later, it might cost you loss in followers)

The common & silly mistake done by many beginners is to not change the Web Address in Account settings. If you don’t update your new address in your profile, people can’t access your blog through you picture.

It has happened with me when I started blogging. Later one of my blogger friend told me about this & I fixed it. But, still I’m seeing many blogs with this issue.

website no longer available message on wordpress

A lot of times when someone likes my posts, I try to check their blog & then I can’t see it. All I see is a message telling that the website doesn’t exist. So, always make sure you’ve entered correct & current web address in your WordPress account settings.

2. Commenting On Every Blog Post & Getting Marked as Spammer

Wondering why your comments always ends up in Spam comments? It’s because you are commenting way too much in a single day.

Commenting on blog posts is one of the best method for networking & making connections with bloggers. But overdoing can land your comments into spam comments.

Make sure that you comment in moderate amount i.e. 10-15 comments per day. More than this will surely get you marked as a spammer by WordPress.

Too much of anything is good for nothing

3. Following Every Blog You See

Obviously following blogs is very important to get recognised in Blogosphere. But is it required to follow every blog you come across?

Many WordPress Beginners follow hundreds of blog at the same time without even checking them out. And this can affect the WordPress reader section.

In result, you will miss out many blog posts from the blog which you love. The reader section will get crowded & fails to show every post.

4. Not changing Default WordPress Username from “admin”

One of the most overlooked thing on wordpress by beginners is not changing the default WordPress username from Admin. It is very important thing do as per security concerns.

No beginner thinks about their website getting hacked or attacked. But imagine that your valuable content gets damaged in early phase of your blog, you will be devastated. Right?

Most of the times, hackers make login attempts with username “admin”. Because most of the bloggers don’t change their default username since they made WordPress account.

So, if you wish to make your WordPress website or blog more secure then don’t forget change your default username.

5. Not Deleting Unused Themes & Plugins

Every WordPress Beginner be it a blogger or a business owner trying to choose a perfect theme for their website, tries multiple options before choosing the final one. Also, same goes for number of plugins available on WordPress.

This can result in piling of too many unused themes & plugins in your website. What does this do is slows down site’s performance & speed. So, the user experience for a website will get affected for sure.

It is acceptable to try out various themes & plugins to choose the best suitable ones for your Website. But not deleting the unused themes & plugins are definitely going to affect a website’s performance factors.

Do try out multiple options but don’t forget to delete the unused or unwanted themes & plugins.

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6. Not Using Fonts, Headings & Styles From Editor

Are you using all amazing features of WordPress Editor when you write a blog post ? Well, at the beginning no one is aware about various Fonts, Styles & many other text features available on WordPress Editor.

To improve this think from a reader’s perspective. As a reader, would you like to read an article which is written like an Essay without use of Headings, Fonts & Text Styles? Obviously not. You would give up reading it just after few lines.

Everyone loves to read a well structured & precise write-up. Appropriate Headings, Fonts, Lists & Styles is what makes a readable article or blog post.

If you’re still confused about how to write well structured blog posts? Use Google & read top posts from any article & you’ll know where & how to use WordPress Editor effectively.

7. No Contact Page

Why do I need Contact page for my Website? Many beginners think that they don’t need contact page for their blogs or personal websites. But it is equally important for Personal Blogs as Business Websites/Blogs.

Through contact page, readers can get in touch with the blogger to give their valuable feedback, suggestions and also for business proposals.

If you’re confused about how to create a WordPress contact page for your WordPress blog then WordPress already has simple solution for you. There are multiple easy & useful plugins available to create an amazing contact page.

Here are some useful links to help you create a perfect contact page:

How To Create A Contact Form In WordPress – WpBeginner

8. No About Us / About Me Page

Just like the Contact Page, About page holds a lot of importance to make your presence more prominent on the Blogosphere. This page is a short intro of a website owner & the purpose of the Website/Blog.

About page introduces the content creator to all the readers and a personalised intro can help to build familiarity with readers. Also, it helps a reader to know more about a website/blog.

Here, beginners tend to ignore adding these important About Us & Contact pages on their Websites. Actually which is very simple and effective step for their growth.

9. Not Inserting User Friendly Menu & Categories

Another common mistake which affects growth of WordPress beginners is not having a Menu on a website. Menu is something from where a visitor of a website will get an overview of that particular website.

It is highly recommended by many experts that having menu & categories is very effective method to increase a website’s growth & further business growth as well.

Again, it’s very simple to add Menu & Categories on a WordPress website. You don’t need to know coding or any complicated knowledge of Web development for it.

Here are some useful links to add Menu & Categories to your WordPress website:

Custom Menus – Support WordPress

How To Add Navigation Menu in WordPress – WpBeginner

10. No tags or Too many Tags

Personally, I’ve advised many of my fellow bloggers to add tags in their posts to increase their post’s reach on WordPress reader. Again, beginners don’t pay attention to the tags section. Either they don’t add tags at all or add too many of them.

Basically, tags are nothing but a type of a category but it describes a post in more detail. For example: If you have written an article about How to move on after a breakup, then it’s category can be Relationships while the tags which can be included are Breakup, Moving on, Heartbreak, etc.

Ideally, 5 – 15 Tags are advisable to be used per article. This tags helps to group similar type of content within a tag also helps in ranking multiple posts on Google.

Here are some useful links to help you know about How to use Tags & It’s advantages:

Posts Tags – WordPress Support

Categories and Tags – WordPress Org

Final Thoughts On Common WordPress Beginners Mistakes

As a beginner, we all do mistakes as we are new to it. So, it is totally fine to make mistakes when you are a beginner on WordPress platform. You must try to improve your skills with Trial & error.

In this article, I tried to elaborate on 10 common WordPress beginners mistakes, their impact & how to correct them. I’ve wrote this based on my own experience of 2 Years of Blogging on WordPress platform.

I hope this article will help beginners to avoid the common mistakes & learn more quickly about the WordPress platform & how it works.

If you have observed any common mistake in addition to the above mentioned, then do share it in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading !

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