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Why To Not Judge Someone Too Quickly

Because you’ll be proven wrong most of the times. No matter how smart you are, you can never understand a person based on first impression or first few conversations with them. Think of yourself, do you reveal your whole personality,… Continue Reading →

Hands Poem

I wish we could stop timeeverytime I kissed youwish i could just freeze it and never make it run againto end this moment we have I wish everytime you touched my facewith your both handsI ended up writing poems on… Continue Reading →

Why Do We Grow Up? – Poem

Why do we grow up?To miss the times when we were younger? When you saw someone reminiscing their old timesit seemed boringmaybe you still dread at the stories your parents recites to you every other day But what different are… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Common WordPress Beginners Mistakes To Avoid

Just created a new Blog on WordPress to share your talent or business? If yes, then you must read this helpful article for to avoid Top 10 common Mistakes by WordPress beginners. Don’t worry! These mistakes are very common &… Continue Reading →

Chemical Reaction – Poem Inspired By Chemical Hearts Movie

Love, it’s a chemical reactionthat comes and goes When I fell for you the first timeI didn’t even know that I didIt just happenedlike a chemical reaction in a lab full of clueless teenagerswearing oversized lab coats But do chemical… Continue Reading →

Do THIS To Get Over Someone You’ve Never Dated

Have you ever been in that weird situation where you realised that you’re trying to get over someone you didn’t even date or were in relationship with. It’s crazy how sometimes we give a person so much they don’t even… Continue Reading →

Cycle – Poem

It’s a cycle I feel like every person that I meetis for a reasonThey teach me something I missed learning from someone who’s no longer a part of methey put me in their shoesmake me realise how they might have… Continue Reading →

No Filter Sky

Sky doesn’t need a filter to look pretty 🌈 ~ Accidental Blogger Picture Credits: ©Accidental Blogger Camera : Motorola One Power Connect With Me On : Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook © 2021 Accidental Blogger All Rights Reserved

Don’t Complain About Being Lonely If

Don’t complain about being lonely if you expect every person in your life to be perfect. If you expect your friend, partner, parent(s), relatives to behave in a way(s) that is/are convenient to you then you probably would never be… Continue Reading →

Off Days – Poem

Off days makes me feel empty It’s better when you have things to dothey keep you occupiedso you don’t get enough timeto travel back in timevisit those dark nightsembarrassing conversationsand your long lasting, loyal demons Off day feels like a… Continue Reading →

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